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Our Guesthouse "Deer" is able to look back on well over 200 years of family history. In 1474 already, the farm property was mentioned for the first time in the local chronicles. In 1806, Christian Junginger opened the "Guesthouse Deer".


Since the postal services in Gussenstadt were established in 1822, the post office was part of the Guesthouse "Deer". The barn of the farm was used as an exchange point for the horses of the postal coach.


In 1873, Andreas Junginger established a beer brewery and a liquor destillery. The desillery and the farming tradition have survived until today. Among other crops, the farm grows barley for the local "Kaiser Brewery" in Geislingen/Stg in a local grower community.


Since 1806, the Guesthouse is in family property and has been continuously extended and modernized. In 1872, the Guesthouse has been completely rebuilt by Christian Junginger. From 1907 on, Katharina, ne Junginger and Georg Hagmaier were running the inn. In the year of 1950, the guesthouse was given over to the next generation to Marie, ne Hagmaier and Friedrich Schmid. Through a serious fire, all of the farming builiding burned down. Those were rebuilt in the same year.


Until 1998, the post office was part of the daily duties. Since 1974 the guesthouse is run in the 6th generation by Hans and Annemarie Hoffie, ne Schmid. Today it povides with its various premises the perfect ambiance for any occation.





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    Regulars from the year 1911...

In the year 1911, a church-painter named Wennagel, was restoring the old paintings of the church in Gussenstadt. For assitance he called the art student Hans Müller from Karlsruhe, near Stuttgart, who stayed at the Guesthouse "Deer". During the "evening beer", in the bar parlor, he drew the folksy round of regular guests skillful on a piece of paper.


Those were from left to right and top to bottom:


Christian Rapp, saddler, *18.12.1875 +13.10.1924; Johannes Pöpplen, mailman, *21.09.1855 +13.01.1937; Jakob Schömig, cellarman, *19.05.1845, +17.10.1930; Leonhard Eichenhofer, mason, *21.07.1867, +29.06.1924; Matthäus Veile, road mender, *11.11.1854, *15.02.1933; Friedrich Burger, mason, *03.04.1879, +23.04.1919; Johann Leonhard Jooß, shoemaker, * 20.01.1848, +03.10.1923;


Stammtisch anno 1911


Jakob Schwarz, tailor, *07.10.1877, +21.05.1956; Michael Greß, farmer, *04.01.1883, +27.06.1943; Melchior Jäger, tailor, *04.09.1874, +20.06.1924; Abraham Gunsilius, Maurer, *13.05.1884, +14.08.1935; Johannes Gunsilius, carpenter, *21.08.1881, +6.02.1937.


Extract from "Found", Vol.1, 2001. Kindly supported by Willi Martin Jäger.





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